The Dangers of Colon Cleansing Teas and why we don’t sell them…

Most of our competitors offer a ‘cleansing tea’ as part of their weight loss tea range. These teas have been proven to cause severe cramping and in some cases, hospitalisation.

The Sydney Morning Herald released this article back in 2013 making their readers aware of the dangers of colon cleansing teas:

Unfortunately these competitors have ignored the dangers and continue to sell colon cleansing teas to their customers as part of their weight loss teas.

Apart from the harmful side effects that these teas can produce, we also refuse to sell them as we want to promote healthy weight loss, done in a way where you will lose weight the safe way. This also gives you the best chance of keeping the weight off. How many times have we tried crash diets and lost a few kilos in a week, only to put it straight back on after stopping the diet.

Our weight loss tea does not have a colon cleansing or laxative effect. It contains natural ingredients that helps to increase the body’s metabolism and burn fat the healthy and safe way.

There is no miracle cure or quick fix to weight loss. No matter what fad diets come up, we all know the best way to lose weight is to eat well and exercise. You can, however, give your weight loss a boost by incorporating our weight loss tea into your weight loss program. It can assist your body to speed up the processes that support weight loss done the natural, healthy way.

Further information on the dangers of colon cleansing can be found here: