Puer Tea Member Card
Oolong Tea Member Card
Green Tea Member Card
Black Tea Member Card

Earn 1 T4LYF Point for every $1 spent.

  • Black Tea Membership: For 50 T4LYF Points, get a $5 e-Voucher + 5 T4LYF Bonus Points*
  • Oolong Tea Membership: For 100 T4LYF Points, get a $10 e-Voucher + 10 T4LYF Bonus Points*
  • Green Tea Membership: For 200 T4LYF Points, get a $20 e-Voucher + 20 T4LYF Bonus Points* + Free T4LYF Gift + 5% Discount e-Voucher Per Year
  • Puer Tea Membership: For 300 T4LYF Points, get a $30 e-Voucher + 30 T4LYF Bonus Points* + Free T4LYF Gift + 10% Discount e-Voucher Per Year

*To redeem on your next T4LYF order.

How does it work?

To see your Points, log on your account within the MY T4LYF Points section. Click on My T4LYF Points to view your points.

You get 10 T4LYF BONUS POINTS by subscribing to our Loyalty Program and then, for $1 spent on our products, you get 1 T4LYF Point. Your points will be released to your MY T4LYF Points 3 days after your purchase.

Once you have accumulated enough T4LYF Points you will be receiving an email from us within 3 days with your Coupon Code.

Once you have collected sufficient T4LYF Points in your current membership level you will be automatically upgraded to the next level.

To use your COUPON Code, simply enter it in the box “COUPON Code” on your Shopping Bag page. The corresponding discount will be applied to your total amount.