At T4LYF we have a strong belief that weight loss needs to be done the right way, safely.

While other companies offer a ‘quick fix’ solution such as detox or colon cleansing teas (both of which can be very dangerous, read our section on Colon Cleansing Teas) we offer a safer, healthier solution designed for long term weight loss.

We all know that losing weight can be difficult, if it was easy, everyone in the world would be thin.

It is not just a case of eating the right foods and exercising, there is also a large mental side to it. In fact, if you aren’t in the right head space and motivated to lose weight, chances are you wont reach your goal.

With that being said, when someone starts to lose a few kilos and sees and feels the results, it can be very inspiring and motivating to keep going!

This is where our weighT loss tea can help. It has been designed by our Qualified Chinese Medical Practitioners to contain ingredients that help to increase your metabolism, burn fat and assists digestion. BUT…….it isn’t a miracle cure!

Think of our tea as the key to start a car. You turn the key to start the car, but if there’s no petrol inside, it wont run.

It’s the same theory, we are giving you the key to give your body the best start it needs to lose weight, but you need to supply the right food and a little bit of exercise to get the best, and quickest, results.

There are many quick and healthy recipes on google, and a simple 30 minute walk each day is all you need to get your body on the right path to losing weight.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding our own recipes and specific foods that can help you to lose weight in our Eating Plan as well as a range of exercises you can do in our Exercise Plan so keep an eye out.

Unlike our competitors who charge for this information or at best, make you buy their tea, this information is free to anyone who comes to our site. Yes this is our business but our business is to help as many people as we can take back their lives and live healthy and longer!